About us


Our history

HAPPY OILS is the brainchild of four talented men, all passionate about hair. Although they come from various backgrounds, they have all worked and learned in the biggest French cosmetics groups. After being involved in the biggest product launches in the beauty world, they wanted to create their own range. And now they’ve done it! Today they find themselves at the heart of a colourful and 100% customisable project.

Far from being just one more brand, HAPPY OILS is a concentrate of experiences at the service of your hair.

For you, they have chosen to create a clever mix: new formulations, unique design, high-performance industry and tailor-made development. From these ingredients, they have created a hair masterpiece!

Our approach

Essential oils are very popular at the moment! Highly praised for their unquestionable virtues, we come across them more and more in our daily lives. And for good reason! A single drop of essential oil often contains far more power than any other chemical compound: it is the power of nature. Each oil has extraordinary properties and therefore produces spectacular benefits.

Although it is a little bit magical, an oil is not meant to be left alone: it would be very sad to limit yourself to just its properties, don’t you think?

This is why our ambition does not stop with the use of a simple essential oil to invent our products.

We have decided to multiply the power of these essential oils tenfold to magnify your hair and bring you the perfect dose of sublime. How audacious was this! Can you imagine for one second, not adding, but multiplying the benefits of several ultra-powerful oils?!

This is the very essence of our BOOST HAIR products: we create a real meeting between the most complementary oils to make them HAPPY together and offer you delicious nectars to take care of your hair.

This is our challenge: to harness essential oils synergies to duplicate their individual qualities and to offer you the benefit of a rare and precious sensory experience.

You also have a role to play since you can compose your own hair care products by dipping into a selection of ingredients carefully chosen by our experts.

Discover our BOOST HAIR products that contain the ultimate botanical powers and combine them with our NEUTRAL BASES. These are formulated with a minimum of 97% of natural origin ingredients and are stripped of all forms of chemistry. They also comply with the requirements of the Vegan standards. Our NEUTRAL BASES are guaranteed to be silicone-free, sulphate-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free. By removing all this, we retain exceptional properties!

Indeed, the bases contain phytokeratin, which has many virtues, and Aloe Vera, a treasure of hydration. They are fully ready to receive the active ingredients of BOOST HAIR without denaturing their properties to grant a spectacular result.

There are many combination possibilities, each one solving a different hair issue. Therefore, you can change the formula depending on the season or changes in your life.

Between two shampoos, you can also choose to strengthen the fibres of your hair by opting for one of our four vegetable oil treatments with amazing virtues. So, what will be your favourite formula?

Our values

We need some rigour to offer you a concentrate of nature’s greatest treasures. Our team has been trained to deliver results. This is why we offer you formulas made with the best ingredients in the land! All our ingredients are of vegetable and natural origin, they are also guaranteed to be 100% vegan-friendly.

The raw materials we use in our compositions are all of French origin and come only from suppliers from the Provence region, and all our ingredients are handled with the greatest care. That’s the way we look at cosmetics. That’s also what HAPPY OILS is all about: a genuine ray of sunshine Made in France.

We have chosen to work with the best laboratories to ensure the best results.

Each ingredient is analysed and controlled as soon as it arrives, the batches are numbered, and these same batches undergo a thorough technical analysis as soon as they are received. To ensure objectivity, a control is carried out by external laboratories at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Isn’t it good to know what is in our products?


Our commitments

Ultimately, HAPPY OILS is a great love story with nature.

Within our sustainable development approach aimed at enhancing and preserving the plant world around us, we are constantly working to find new treasures. We thoroughly search for the best possible combinations of ingredients in partnership with our French laboratories. It is particularly important to us to be able to offer products that are as close as possible to the authenticity that can be found in their natural state.

The quality of French products is well known. This is why we are committed to a relationship of trust with our national suppliers because it is also through their talent that our products are born. Before they reach you, our hair care products have a real history and traceability. We like to work in the respect of our environment and its most profound aspect: authenticity.

HAPPY OILS is also YOUR story, the one you will choose to write by creating your own formulations using our joyful elixirs.